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September 1: The Villa Community dedicates the new Junior High and Main School improvements!

August 2015: The Music Trailer has come down!

August 2015: Take a video tour of the construction underway.

April 2015: Looking good! This beautiful Junior High wing hallway is now complete as part of the new construction, all ahead of schedule and awaiting only final inspections and finishing touches. As soon as school concludes, we will move the Junior High furniture and materials to the addition, and renovate/expand/relocate learning spaces for K-6, World Language, Music, and Library.

March 2015: The Junior High lockers have been delivered, classroom and Science Lab casework has been installed, and the flooring is going in. 

February 2015: The Junior High addition's walls are primed and painted, the electric has been installed, and now the ceilings are going in. Ceiling work continues on the extended learning area. 

December 2014: The Main School addition is really taking shape! Roof trusses were installed, the windows and stonework in place, and the roof is roughed in. Next goal: having the building enclosed by January.


November 2014: A behind-the-scenes visit to our new Junior High construction project inspired Mr. Rogers' 8th grade Communications Arts class as they composed descriptive paragraphs of the sights, sounds, and smells of a construction site.

October 2014: 8th graders had a lesson in civil engineeering, trigonometry, and applied math with Beischel Construction, our Main School project construction manager. They learned how to measure horizontal distances across a slope and use of a "total station" to measure a hypotenuse.

The foundation has been laid on the Junior High addition and the walls are going up!


August 2014: The Villa community dedicates the Early Childhood Center and Manor House Chapel:


8/12/14: The Manor House is getting some TLC while the Main School footers are going in. 


7/12/14: The construction fence has come down at the site of the Early Childhood Center, and grass is growing again....

....meanwhile the construction fence has moved down to the Main School, and work has begun under the "stilt" building.

5/6/14:  The Manor House “mountain” of soil is being returned to the building site as finishing work occurs on the Early Childhood addition. The interior will be finished by the time school lets out in early June, and then work will begin on the exterior, chapel, and other areas. 

4/30/14: Amazing progress was made over Spring Break and the construction fence has been taken down. 

4/1/14: Last week Manor House students each signed their names to drywall to be installed in the Early Childhood addition. A Cincinnati Enquirer reporter attended and created this video.

3/18/14: A (temporary) view of the future Early Childhood dining area and the beginnings of  stonework along the exterior walls. It’s all coming together!  

3/10/14: A lot is happening with the milder weather! Roof work continues, most of the shingles are up, inside insulation is going in, and this Friday a crane will be on site to place roof top HVAC units.

 3/4/14: Joe Beischel, Construction Manager, reviewed project progress with Paul Sullivan, co-chair of the Foundation for a Lifetime campaign, in advance of drywall installation. The New Early Childhood wing will allow St. Ursula Villa to offer additional 3-year-old and 4-year-old classes as well as a new Toddler Program.

2/25/14: Exterior work continues on the Early Childhood addition. Roof enclosure is being completed and dry walling will begin soon. Here’s a shot of Local 12’s camera crew shooting footage from the Villa Way bridge for last week’s 5:30 pm spot.

2/11/14: The window installation is complete and the exterior is being stuccoed. While the stucco is gray today, by August the entire Manor House Early Childhood building will be painted to match the original as part of the exterior upgrade.

1/29/14: Seventh grade Math and Science students pose with their built-to-scale model of the Early Childhood addition. This project began with tablet technology to measure and calculate dimensions of the building. Students broke into smaller groups to create various classrooms and furnishings using pasta and other materials…and had fun in the process! 

1/22/14: Here’s a view from the back of the Manor House, where four Early Childhood classrooms will face the Manor House lawn towards the statue of Mary. Two additional Early Childhood classrooms are along the front of the Manor House. Workers have been installing installation, finishing windows, and working on the inside. 

1/7/14: The windows have been installed, interior carpentry continues, and plumbing and electrical rough-in work has been done to connect the new addition to the existing Manor House.


12/3/13: The Early Childhood building is taking shape and the roofline is finished. Another group of students visited the site on Monday morning. Seventh Grade Math and Science classes used tablet technology to aid in construction of a model from measurements and other calculations.


11/19/13: The exterior walls are being erected, roof trusses have been delivered, and a crane is busy putting them into place. 








11/12/13:  The framing of the Early Childhood wing has been completed and the fire walls erected. Next week the roof trusses arrive and a crane is on its way!


11/5/13: The foundation is poured, the slab is set, and now the framing is being erected for the Early Childhood wing.  As one parent put it, “It’s growing up so fast!”  

10/30/13: On Tuesday, the slab of the Early Childhood Addition was poured and formed. 4th and 6th grade Math students observed the pouring of the concrete slab and learned how the engineers perform compression strength and slump tests to ensure the strength and consistency of the concrete.  There will be more opportunities for other lessons as the construction progresses.











10/23/13: The outlines of the Early Childhood Addition are now visible and the foundation walls are in place. Insulation is going in, foundation walls are being back-filled, and the slab is being poured. We remain right on schedule!

10/1/13: We are excited to see the Early Childhood Addition begin to take shape.  The demolition is complete, the dirt has been compacted, footers have been poured, and now the block is being stacked to complete the foundation.  The project is right on schedule.  Pray for continued good weather!

9/12/13: Students in four-year-old preschool delight in the arrival of the earth movers.

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