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Special Funds

St. Ursula Villa's donors play a key in role in keeping St. Ursula Villa at the forefront of education now and into the future. There are many ways to support specific initiatives including endowment, fine arts, and emergency tuition assistance.

  • Villa Family Emergency Tuition Assistance Fund

    During 2018 Villabration, past parent Tracy Sagester shared her family’s experience with loss and how they were lifted up by our St. Ursula Villa community. Tracy graciously introduced our Special Appeal to create the Villa Family Emergency Tuition Assistance Fund. Tracy’s remarks are included here:

    My name is Tracy Sagester. I have 2 sons, Cameron and Ian, who graduated from the Villa in 2007 and 2010. My husband David and I always said that sending our sons to the Villa was the best decision we ever made. We chose the Villa for all the same reasons you send your children to this wonderful school. Sending our boys to the Villa was a financial stretch and sacrifice -- there were many times we thought we couldn’t stay another year. But with hard work and the grace of God both boys thrived here, graduated from the Villa, and continued to St. Xavier High School. The Villa was our family and remains an integral part of my life and family today.

    On May 28, 2016, my husband David had a heart attack. He spent the next 10 months in a coma and passed away last April. During this time the friends and families from the Villa stepped in and showered us with love and support. My “Non-Villa” connections were amazed at the food, gift cards, lawn upkeep, or simple gestures like taking walks or just sitting with me for moral support. And of course, many prayers.

    When making funeral arrangements, the boys and I requested donations to be sent to the Villa in lieu of flowers. We wanted the funds to help a family that was going through an unexpected temporary hardship and facing the scenario of not being able to stay at St. Ursula Villa. The boys and I were thrilled to know that the donated funds allowed a student to blossom at this fantastic school, and establish his/her own roots that will never be forgotten. This is exactly what David would have wanted, and as my boys said “this is much better than flowers.”

    Please consider donating to St. Ursula Villa's Family Emergency Tuition Assistance Fund! It truly will make a difference.

    Click here to give online.

  • Gino DiMario Fine Arts Fund

    The Gino DiMario Fine Arts Fund was founded in 2006 in memory of second grade student Gino DiMario. Each year the St. Ursula Villa community gathers for the Gino DiMario Birthday Benefit to commemorate Gino's life and his  love of St. Ursula Villa and the arts. Net proceeds benefit Fine Arts Day, arts programming expenses, and special projects such as student participation in Arts Wave's "Do-Re-Whee" project for the 2012 World Choir Games and artists in residence.

    St. Ursula Villa is grateful for all who donate to the Gino DiMario Fine Arts Fund.

    Click here to give online.