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Advanced Enrichment

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St. Ursula Villa is proud to offer several advanced enrichment programs for students in grades 1-8. Our enrichment specialists work with small groups of children in individualized, flexible groups. Selection is based upon student achievement in the classroom, teacher recommendations, and standardized test results. Selected students are pulled in small group language arts and math clusters to experience a more in-depth approach to higher order thinking skills. This unique program offers differentiation and extended time to work in a fast-paced, advanced classroom setting. Students work independently and collaboratively to develop creative problem solving skills, logical reasoning, deductive reasoning, flexible thinking and critical thinking skills. These abilities are developed through independent projects, whole-group instruction, and an implied inquiry method of learning. These skills allow students to analyze resources and create, develop, and use materials and knowledge in new and exciting ways.

  • 1st - 2nd Grade

    Small groups are formed and pulled once a week in a resource room setting. The students receive 30 minutes of Math and 30 minutes of Language Arts (reading/writing) instruction per week.

  • 3rd Grade

    Small groups are formed and pulled once a week in a resource room setting. Selected students receive an additional 40 minutes of Language Arts and 40 minutes of Math instruction per week. Enrichment specialists use hands-on learning to extend classroom instruction.

  • 4th - 6th Grade Language Arts

    Small groups of selected students are pulled for an additional 90 minutes of reading and writing instruction per week. The students work collaboratively as well as independently on unique projects and activities. The 6th grade course is geared to a Power of the Pencil format to prepare the intermediate students for the Junior High creative writing program—Power of the Pen.

  • 4th - 6th Grade Math

    Our Math specialists focus on critical thinking skills within a math cluster grouping of selected accelerated students who meet the set criteria. These classes are progressive and lead students on a track where they will study Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry through Jr. High.

  • Jr. High

    In Junior High, selected students have the opportunity to take advanced enrichment courses in math, foreign language, and creative writing. The creative writing team participates in interscholastic competitive writing tournaments throughout the State of Ohio. In both Math and foreign language, the selected students are eligible to test to earn high school credit.