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High School Preparation at St. Ursula Villa

Preparation is critical to a successful transition from Junior High to High School. At St. Ursula Villa, we take high school preparation very seriously. Upon leaving the Villa, each of our students is ready to take on the new academic and social challenges high school can bring. From academic support to extracurricular activities, we ensure each student leaves with a solid foundation for their future.

Junior High Curriculum

Junior high sets the foundation for success in high school. Our curriculum is rigorous and challenging yet supported through highly qualified and compassionate teachers. Our junior high curriculum includes:

  • Highly qualified experienced teachers specialized by subject.

    Each of our teachers is highly educated in the subject they teach. We guarantee each educator is certified, experienced, and passionate about their field.

  • Strong team approach and collaboration among staff.

    We take a unified approach to learning. Teachers collaborate with other subjects to extend learning beyond individual fields of study.

  • Academically rigorous program with individualized student scheduling.

    Our students are held to a high standard. Each student is nurtured and encouraged to do their best, and schedules are individualized in order to optimize the learning experience. St. Ursula Villa students receive:

    • Comprehensive Language Arts education in literature, composition, vocabulary, speech, and grammar; and public speaking and presentation opportunities
    • Pre-algebra, Algebra, and Geometry classes in small, tiered, ability-based groups
    • Social Studies in American History and Government
    • Science study of Earth and Physical science - Chemistry and Physics
    • Option of French, Latin, Spanish, or Communication Arts
    • Art, Physical Education, Music and Music electives of Band, Guitar, or Choir
  • Focus on study, test taking, time management, organization, and note-taking skills.

    Good habits like time management and organization don’t come naturally to all students. Our focus on building these habits early prepares our students for high school, college, and beyond.

  • Emphasis on responsibility, independence, and leadership.

    Not all high school preparation is academic. By nurturing important life skills of responsibility, independence, and leadership, we prepare students for the real world.

  • Daily religious education with prayer, worship, reflection, retreats, and service to others.

    Religious and spiritual growth is an important pillar at the Villa. We are respectful of students' various faith backgrounds and together promote the values of kindness, understanding, service, and openness to others.

  • Opportunities for participation in extracurriculars and social development.

    Our students have the option of participating in Student Council, Chi Alpha Omega service outreach program, and many student clubs. Field trips are also a regular occurrence, and eighth graders participate in the Eighth Grade Musical.

  • Homework Club and after school care available until 6:00 pm.

For more information about our junior high curriculum, click here.

High School Preparation Tips

High school is very different from grade school. Classes are more difficult, and grades become important for college acceptance. Students grow intellectually as they are given opportunities to take new classes and discover interest in college studies. Independence grows as they begin to drive themselves to school and attend social activities with their peers throughout the city.

While all of this is very exciting, the transition from junior high to high school be emotionally and socially challenging as they go from being one of the oldest members of the school to one of the youngest. 

With all this change, we’ve put together some tips to help students make the transition as smooth as possible:

Stay on top of homework.

Getting behind on homework may not seem like a big deal, but those missed grades add up over time. At St. Ursula Villa, we instill this responsibility in our students from day one.

Be organized.

While this may seem obvious, organization is key for students to do well in high school. St. Ursula Villa Junior High studentrs use planners to stay organized and keep track of their projects, assigments, tests, and homework. 

Establish a routine.

Start a morning and evening routine that you can stick with. Figure out exactly when your student needs to be up, and when they can do their homework after school. We encourage our students to avoid putting their homework off in the evening, especially if they’re prone to falling behind on assignments.

Be ready for challenges.

High school comes with a lot of new challenges. At the Villa, we encourage our students self-advocate and reach out to their parents, teachers, and counselors if they feel they’re falling behind. We set the precedent that it’s okay (and encouraged) to get help when they need it. This builds personal responsibility and leads to greater academic success and positive emotional outcomes.

St. Ursula Villa's dedication to our Catholic Ursuline tradition nurtures the whole child, fosters academic excellence, and instills a Christ-centered commitment to society. For more information, or to schedule a tour of our beautiful campus, click here. We look forward to helping your child with high school preparation!