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Life Skills

An Ursuline education is a perfect match with our "Discipline With Purpose" program. The life skills framework of DWP recognizes the dignity of the individual child while honoring the developmental stages of growing and maturing. The fifteen self-discipline skills focus on the whole child, teach respect for oneself and others, and supports academic excellence and Christian service:

Basic skills emphasized in grades K-3

  • Listening
  • Following instructions
  • Questioning
  • Sharing: time, space, people, and things
  • Exhibiting social skills

Constructive skills prompted in grades K-3 and emphasized in grades 3-7

  • Cooperating with others
  • Understanding the reason for rules
  • Independently completing a task
  • Exhibiting leadership
  • Communicating effectively

Generative skilles prompted in grades K-7 and emphasized in grades 7-8

  • Organizing: time, space, people, things
  • Resolving mutual problems
  • Taking the initiative in problem solving
  • Distinguishing fact from feeling
  • Sacrificing/serving others

By making Discipline With Purpose an important part of the Villa experience, we follow Saint Angela's directive to "live in harmony united together, all of one heart and one will. Be bound to one another by the bond of charity, esteeming each other, helping each other, bearing with each other in Jesus Christ."