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Outdoor Education


Outdoor Education Program

St. Ursula Villa launched an Outdoor Education initiative, taking advantage of its large, beautiful campus featuring wooded hilsides, water sources, and abundant plant and animal life. Led by Ms. Jacquie Berting, Outdoor Educationi Coordinator, Villa students in preschool through 6th grade:

  • Participate in direct, hands-on outdoor learning and discovery to cultivate curiosity, nurture environmental stewardship, and foster physical activity
  • Engage with a new Outdoor Education Coordinator in active, guided observation and activities using newly-installed nature trails, kiosks, and maps
  • Experience lessons such as map reading and orientation, testing water quality, assessing seasonal changes in plants and animals, managing water erosion, gauging preservation effectiveness, and strengthening creative and descriptive writing
  • Develop collaboration skills, physical independence, and deepened awareness of St. Ursula Villa's historic property

Some recent Outdoor Education activities:

  • Preschool - Kindergarten: trail safety; introduction to our ecosystem; themed walks for color, letter of the day; signs of seasons
  • Grades 1 - 3: identifying trees and plants; seasonal changes in nature; animal and plant adaptations; classificiation of animals
  • Grades 4 - 6: exploring ecosystems; journaling and developing observation skills; properties of soil; applying the Scientific Method

St. Ursula Villa appreciates funding received from Duke Energy's "Taking Root" 2016 Fall Tree Fund Grant, which enabled us to plant 150 trees to improve the canaopy cover in our region. With the removal of invasive species from our hillside property, we are re-foresting wtih diverse tress to enhance student learning in our Outdoor Education Program.