School Communications


St. Ursula Villa utilizes Edline, an internet-based application, to provide ALL school forms and information as well as specific student grade-level information. You can access all content displayed on the homepage without logging in. Once you receive your account and password you can connect to private information specific to your child such as grades (for students in grades 4 – 8) and grade-specific forms.  

Wednesday Parents’ Bulletin:

You will be emailed the weekly Wednesday Parents’ Bulletin once the school year begins. VERY IMPORTANT – The Villa’s primary communication channel is the Wednesday Parents’ Bulletin. You will miss important announcements about your school community if you do not read the Wednesday Parents’ Bulletin.      

Wednesday Folder: 

On occasional Wednesdays, students receive a folder containing paperwork and information to bring home for parent review.  The oldest child will receive a blue folder and any siblings will receive a white folder. Return empty folders via your child’s backpack the next day, Thursday.  Do not return any completed forms via the folder – send in with your child in a separate envelope to the school office.   

Backpack Mail: 

If you need to send paperwork to the school/business office, or to a sports coordinator, it is easiest to send it via backpack mail. Simply address the envelope with the name of the recipient. (If the intended recipient is a parent, note their child’s name and homeroom on the envelope.) Have your child give the envelope to their homeroom teacher first thing in the morning.  It will then go to the school office for delivery.  

Mass Communication/Emergency Phone & Email Notification: 

At times the Villa will notify parents via phone and email of any critical information pertaining to the school day (typically snow emergency information).  Important: This service calls every number given to the school, often very early in the morning.  You will be prompted to provide this information when activating your Edline Account.