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Student Application

Applicant Information

The St. Ursula Villa administration, faculty, and staff are dedicated to the development and education of the whole child and the success of each student in our school community. The below information will assist the school staff in determining your child's appropriate academic placement and any services he/she may need if accepted at St. Ursula Villa.


This application form allows you to submit multiple children as applicants. If this applies to you, note that after the "Applicant 1" section, there is a button to "Add Another Applicant." Clicking it will reveal an "Applicant 2" section and so on. If you accidentally add an Applicant section, you can remove it by clicking the icon in the far right of the blue bar.

If your child has multiple siblings you need to include on this application, there is a similar tool to "Add Another Sibling" and, likewise, a icon that removes sibling information if you create more Sibling sections that you require.

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Current School Information

Is returning to the current school an option?

May we contact this school to request additional information?

Sibling Information

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Supplemental Student Information

Did your child receive Early Intervention Services or has it ever been recommended that your child receive an educational or developmental evaluation?

Has the applicant ever received educational/developmental testing?

Has the applicant previously had an IEP, ISP, 504 Plan or an accommodation plan?

Is a language other than English spoken in your home?

Has your child ever had ear tubes?

Thank you for providing complete and accurate information about your child. The St. Ursula Villa administration and staff recognize that each student at St. Ursula Villa has unique strengths and needs.

Failure to provide the school with requested information could result in inappropriate placement and may negate acceptance at St. Ursula Villa.

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Parent/Guardian Information

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St. Ursula Villa of Cincinnati, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national/ethnic origin, or ancestry.

Student Applications

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